Released Projects

FingerKicks World

FingerKicks World Champion

Mobile soccer game with 3 game modes, with an in game store, leaderboards and achievements.

App Store:

Pain Beaker


A 2D infinite runner custom made for the Tradie’s Health campaign that features well known Australian celebrities.


Mr. Hooker Bear

Educational game target on helping little kids learn English by forming words using the letters that pop from the top of the screen.

App Store:

Ocean City Racing

Small participation on an indie open world racing game that was released for the PC platform. Ocean City Racing is an open world driving game powered by Unreal Engine 3

Achievements Service Manager

Unity3D script integration that provides the ability to manage achievement in a way that does not directly interfere with the game’s logic.

Time Scale Controller

Time Scale Controller

Basic Unity plugin that lets the user to easily control the speed of the game. Slowing it down to test collisions, see how animations are playing, or speeding up the gameplay to test AI behaviors and etc.


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